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Grocery Stores

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There are enough gocery stores close by that the words "food desert" do not apply.  Here's a selection of near by stores.

Aldi Food Market
     5235 N. Keystone Ave.

Bobs Food Mart
     5628 N. Illinois St.

Double 8 Foods
     3902 N. Illinois St. (2 blocks away)

Fresh Market
     5415 N. College Ave.

Goose the Market
     2503 N. Delaware St.

Kroger Supermarket
     6220 Guilford Ave.

     524 E. 16th. St.

     5718 Crawfordsville Rd.

LE Kincaid & Sons Meat Market  (terrific old fashioned butcher shop)
     5605 N. Illinois St.

Marsh Supermarket
     2350 Broadripple Ave.

     320 N. New Jersey St.

     227 W. Michigan St.

     35 Lynhurst St. 

Nicole Taylor's Pasta & Market
     1134 E 54th St. # C

Safeway Foods  (terrific local super market, never needed a spice I couldn't find here)
     5602 N. Illinois St.

Gas Stations

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As with most city locations there are gas stations in close proximity to any given spot, these are the nearest to our homes.

Bobs Food Mart & Gas
     5628 N. Illinois St.

BP Station
     1545 E. 38th St. (3 blocks away)

Highland Shell
     5635 Michigan Rd.

Phillips 66
     5106 Michigan Rd.

Ty's Penn Shell and Automotive
     4841 N. Pennsylvania St.

Dry Cleaners

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So you don't wash / iron your own shirts or have to have something that needs dry cleaning?  Well there are several establishments to help you out, one even picks up and delivers here.

Atlas Dry Cleaners
     5367 N. Keystone Ave.

Classic Cleaners
     4923 N. College Ave.

     8641 Bash St. (this location picks up and delivers to Tarkington Tower residents)

Curleys Cleaner
     3838 W. Illinois St.   (3 blocks away)

Forty Minute Cleaners
     3360 N. Illinois St.

Meridian Heights Cleaners  (this location picks up and delivers to Tarkington Tower residents)
     4915 N. Pennsylvania St.

Sixty Minute Cleaners
     4838 N. College Ave.

Sparkle Cleaner
     5167 N. College Ave.

Coffee Shops

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Need a restful spot to recharge?  Well there are a number of cozy coffee shops near at hand to cater to your tastes.

Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Co.
     4930 N. Pennsylvania St.

Foundry Provisions
     236 E. 16th St.

Thirsty Scholar
     111 E. 16th St

Cornerstone Coffee House
     651 E. 54th St.

Taste Coffee & Market House
     5164 N. College Ave.

     5601 N. Illinois St.