Why I'm an owner

Three words: security, comfort and neighbors.


I've been an owner here for 16 years more or less.  I relocated to Indianapolis from Dallas Texas in 1989 for career reasons and always, always planned on moving back - so I rented in a downtown high-rise instead f locking myself in with a home and mortgage. Then I did something I never thought I'd do, I found a woman that settled me down.

I traveled extensively on business as an IT consultant.  Since my significant other was once the target of a break in while living in a conventional home and I'd long since realized that Dallas was in my rear view mirror and was going to stay there, it was time to take on that mortgage - but not for conventional housing.  We needed to find something that offered security. 

Tarkington Tower provides secure living intrinsically as it is a high rise complex.  The security is enhanced by a 24/7 doorman plus a sophisticated security system comprised of strategically placed recording cameras and a state of the art electronic key fob entry system.  The security is so strong that a recent art show was held in the common areas (lobby and Terrace Room) with very valuable works of art that were  loaned for the show by one of the owners.  That owner's insurance agent did not require any additional measures once he reviewed the security that was already in place .

There is nothing to compare with the comfort of high-rise living - you only have to worry about what exists within your own space.  The lawn gets mowed, the pool kept clean, the snow gets shoveled and there's always hot water (I've always out paced my water heater, love long showers) as we have the same type system as does a hotel.  In the summer it is an absolute joy, especially since I've retired, to sit by the pool and listen to the sound of a lawn mower while I read.

Tarkington Tower owners represent a microcosm of Indianapolis.  The building is home to: wealthy individuals, professionals, artists, white collar and blue collar workers.  The population is diverse enough that  if "you" have a bias against any particular group you'll have to bite your tongue at building functions, and that is terrific.  That means a negative comment about liberals, middle of the road or conservative politics / beliefs will raise an eyebrow or two.  A very interesting group of people.

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