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News is a combination of two different categories of items.  One category reports on building news, effectively acting as a newsletter.  The other category is more on the order of news flashes, tihngs that are important and not something that would logically be in a newsletter.

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The newsletter category reports on Tarkington Tower news that would appear in a newsletter if we published a newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis.

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News flash is designed to inform Tarkington Tower owners and residents of important items that must be communicated on an urgent basis.  For example, "there will be a crane in the parking lot this week to hoist roofing materials for the new roof".  In other words, news flash is for information that cannot wait for inclusion in a newsletter.

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Tarkington Park Master Plan

For the last year we've heard runblings of changes planned fo rthe park across the street (40th) from our home.  If you are interested in reading about the different plans, well now is your chance.  I've downloaded a document from "" to give you the opportunity to review the "master plan" at you leisure.

Click the button below to download:


Note that if you want to track any changes that might be made in the future, this is the link to where the original document can be found.



WIFI in the common areas

During the February 2014 board meeting the board authorized the Communication Committee to go forward with a plan to make a WIFI connection available in the common areas: lobby, Terrace Room and the pool.

This will be a cost effective approach designed to support moderate usage with a capacity of 6Mbps.


Roof Update

The weather finally cooperated with our need to replace the roof.  During a break in our wonderful winter weather the contractor was able to again bring in the crane.  This time they were able to remove the trash accumulated as a result of the previous work and will now be ableto complete the work.  The accumulation of trash had to be removed because it was sitting on the area that had not yet been replaced and had to be removed for work to continue.


Midtown - Yes! This is where we live

You may or may not know it, but we live in an area of Indianapolis now known as Midtown.  The name for the area came into use roughly 3 years ago and is now in common use.  Plans are being discussed for the furture of Midtown that are of importance to us all.

The link below is a link to a "working planning" document commissioned by Midtown Indianapolis, Inc.  Fascinating reading with information not readily available elsewhere.  Reading this document or at least scanning it will give you a much greater appreciation for where we live and the potential we have.



Roof Work

Work on the new roof continues apace.  The effort has been hampered by our wonderful Indiana weather.  At this point there are a lot of old materials that need to be taken off of the roof and disposed.  A crane was recently positioned to move that material from the roof to a trash receptacle but once positioned the contractor realized that the wind was too strong to risk bring the materials down.  The result was they packed up the crane and we await less severe weather.  We might have a long wait as the weather doesn't seem to want to cooperate.  Come on spring!


New web site, why?

If you have been a user of our original web site and don't attend meetings of the Tarkington Tower Owners Association board meetings then you were not able to hear my explanation, so here goes.

Roughly 4 years ago the board president, Nadine Harris, asked me if I would set up a site.  I'm a retired IT professional although I had never operated in the web environment it sounded interesting.  Our original idea was to take advantage of web site generators but after researching possibilities it was determined that those were too simplistic and delivered very little flexibility.  Addition research identified the fact that what we needed was a  "content management system" - a CMS.  A CMS is a structural framework that serves as a platform to deliver content.  There are several such CMS offerings out there and we chose the one that had the most support and for us that was a CMS called, "joomla!".  Supposedly joomla means communicate in some language, but I've never been able to verify that as a fact.

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